Leadership After Unprecedented Times with Founder and President of The Ringel Group, Rae Ringel


Rae Ringel is the Founder and President of The Ringel Group, a coaching and training agency helping leaders become stronger and more successful. She is a faculty member at the Georgetown University Institute for Transformational Leadership, where she is the founding director of their certificate program in the Art of Facilitation and Design. Rae also teaches at the University of Maryland Robert H. Smith School of Business.

Rae was previously the Director of Professional and Volunteer Development at United Jewish Communities.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Rae Ringel touches on why she wants organizations to move forward and not go back to normal after the pandemic

  • How does working remotely versus in-person impact participation and engagement?

  • Rae describes the ideal hybrid model that companies should implement and how it varies from person to person

  • How nonprofits should be taking advantage of this time — and why they shouldn’t be afraid to ask for donations

  • The power of change

  • Rae mentions some organizations that have gone above and beyond during the pandemic

  • The importance of being accessible and inclusive for employees

  • Rae explains some of her daily rituals that keep her balanced

In this episode:

After months of hearing the phrase “the new normal,” you may be sick of those words. It often feels impossible to go back to normal after this past year, yet many organizations and companies have shifted perspectives and are better than ever. How? Rae Ringel is here to tell you.

Rae Ringel is a certified coach and helps executives become better leaders through coaching and training. She works with both high-caliber executives as well as nonprofit organizations alike and has seen how the pandemic has influenced everyone’s leadership style. She doesn’t want everyone to go back to their “new normal;” instead, she wants organizations to move forward. Want to learn more?

On this episode of Rally the Cause, Jeff Rum sits down with Founder and Principal of The Ringel Group, Rae Ringel, to talk about leadership during an unprecedented time. They discuss how to find the right hybrid model, how working remotely affects participation and engagement, what nonprofits should be taking advantage of, and much more. Stay tuned!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

  • Jeff Rum on LinkedIn

  • ignite

  • Rae Ringel on LinkedIn

  • Email Rae Ringel:

  • The Ringel Group

  • “How to Nail a Hybrid Presentation” by Sarah Gershman and Rae Ringel

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